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Monday, 17-Aug-2009 11:07 Email | Share | Bookmark
Presenting Muhammad Sufi Ariss bin Shamsol Agil

no pain face
doing the CTG
in the labour room
still no pain
the nurse checked on the dilation
still smiling
Muhammad Sufi Ariss was born
fresh from mommy womb
1 happy mommy
getting cleaned
after the delivery
relaxing in the room
having his 1st breastmilk
daddy tengah azan + iqamat
1 proud daddy
abah azan + iqamat
looking at their 1st grandson
kakak baby + daddy
parent to b. hehehe
his face turns red when he cries
checking on the lil guy
proud + happy face of me
alhamdulillah for this wonderful gift
3 of us (kakak baby was at home)
breastfeeding in the middel of the nite
nurse ni sgt suka adik boy. sblm balik siap gomol adik boy dulu
waiting to go home
daddy's having a nap whilst waiting for the hospital bill
kak nora - dr rosita - me+adik boy - ani
salam to all my cyber frens out there. rasanya ramai yang dah tau that i’ve safely delivered a baby boy on 21st july 2009 yang lalu. dah nak dekat sebulan pun. jom nak brief sikit pengalaman before, during and after giving birth to the 1st male in our family

21st july 2009
140am - was sleeping when suddenly feel like i wanna pee. keluar ja dari pintu bilik rasa seluar habis basah. my water bag burst! informed mak and called darling husband (he was on nite syif). whilst waiting for darling husband to reach home, i had a bath. shampooed my hair, sabun badan wangi-wangi semua, then get ready to go to the hospital. 10 - 15 minutes later, darling husband reached home. kissed kakak baby, salam dan mintak ampun dari mak and abah then off to the hospital. i’m yet to feel any pain

215am - reached the maternity hospital and my servix was already 7cm dilated! mid wife did the CTG then few minutes later i was pushed on the wheel chair to the labour room. and still no contractions or pain

330am - the contractions started and the head is about to come out. the doctor arrived and i was asked to push. after 3 pushes, at exactly 356am on 21st july 2009 (tuesday), Muhammad Sufi Ariss was born with 2.9kg of weight. alhamdulillah, the delivery was smooth. sakit pun tak lama. no epidural. no drip. and no drugs at all

lepas dah settled everything in the labour room, changed on to my own clothes then i was pushed on the wheel chair down to my room. and this is where i spent my 3days and 2nites breastfeeding, sleeping and eating on the bed. when they brought adik baby in, darling husband azan and iqamat. and when abah arrived about an hour later, he did the same thing to his 1st grandson

23rd july 2006
last day at the hospital. i’m gonna miss all the staffs and most of all, i’m gonna miss having my breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner served on the bed! and not forgetting the nice and comfy room

i hereby would like to thank everyone for all the great wishes, nice presents, cash and gifts. be it by hand or by post! and to everyone who came to visit us at the hospital and home. no words can describe how thankful we are. tuhan saja dapat membalasnya

dan di kesempatan ini juga saya ingin mengucapkan Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak buat semua kawan-kawan yang beragama Islam. semoga ramadhan ini akan membawa lebih keberkatan kepada kita semua. ameen

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